Copacol extends export activities

Copacol extends export activities

Operating in more than 56 countries, Copacol is considered as a benchmark for both product quality and service delivery. And to provide even more agile service to external customers, the Cooperative decided to include in the internal activities of Copacol the process of Foreign Trade Operations.

This new sector was inaugurated yesterday, 24th and was attended by the commercial superintendent, Valdemir Paulino dos Santos, the manager Genézio Clemente Junior, the supervisor Ana Claudia Saggin and six other employees who will also be responsible for the activities of the department.

Among the activities carried out in the area of Foreign Trade Operations are the issuance of documentation and activities directed at the consenting agencies, such as the Federal Revenue Service, Anvisa, the Ministry of Livestock and Supply, Federations, Consulates, among others. Years were developed by third-party companies.

"This is a promising sector, through which we can perceive an opportunity to improve the Cooperativa's processes, and consequently maintain our differential in customer service," says supervisor Ana Claudia Saggin

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